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JB holding doc20 July 2016
  1. Co-facilitators release second draft of the Global Compact on Refugees
  2. Civil society organizations call for real commitments for refugees and migrants at the UN multi-stakeholder hearing, 18 July 
  3. Next round of civil society consultations with the co-facilitators at the UN 20 July; video-messages invited
  4. Government negotiations on the Outcome document and Global Compact on Refugees: statements by stakeholders
  5. Preparatory meeting organized by and for civil society in the lead up to the Summit held on 17 July
  6. New website for and by civil society for the September Summit on Refugees and Migrants
  7. Civil society “A New Deal for refugees, migrants and societies” is still open for global sign-on here
  8. Reminder – Deadline to register to participate or speak at the 19 September Summit is 21 July
  9. Updates and resources
  10. Dates and Deadlines

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