Refugees Migrants Civil Society

What is the relationship between these?

Refugees Migrants Civil Society

What is the relationship between these?

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With historic levels of refugees and migrants on the move, the United Nations convened a high-level summit on 19 September 2016 to discuss ways to address these large movements, both their causes and effects on refugees, migrants, host countries and society as a whole.

The outcome was the New York Declaration, which included a commitment by member states to develop over the next two years two Global Compacts: one for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration and the other for Refugees.

Many in civil society, both in the HLS Action Committee and beyond, have worked together to provide consolidated feedback and ideas based on experience working with the displaced as well as with governments and other civil society organizations. An example of this is the joint statement and scorecard that over 100 civil society organisations released in response to the New York Declaration.

This website has been created by and for Civil Society as a platform of exchange, a resource bank and channel for civil society advocacy both towards and beyond the UNGA Summit for Refugees and Migrants.


Events Surrounding the Summit

There are many meetings, side-events, debates and lectures taking place in the days around the 19 September Summit, in which themes, practices and solutions relating to refugees and migrants will be discussed.

Get Involved

Join civil society’s call upon world leaders to urgently adopt solutions for refugees and migrants beyond the UN Summit – statement open for sign-on

Preparatory Meeting

On Sunday 17 July, civil society, led by the self-organized civil society Action Committee held a civil society preparatory meeting attended by about 100 representatives of civil society organizations, in the morning plenary joined

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