A Tribute to The Conference – Website Restored

A Tribute to The Conference :The refugee-migrants-civilsocietly.org website was set up in association with a UN conference in 2016 on the named idea, the response of a civil society to the movement of large numbers of refugees and migrants around world. Up from 2016 through 2020, we thought the material presented by the website was worth preserving so we have brought it back. Our goal is to provide an easily accessible historical record for those, like us, interested in all things to do with migration.

Preserving political thinking about migration seems important to us as the problems caused by mass migration movements show no sign of abating. Nor have the underlying forces that power these movements diminished. In short, migration continues to be the issue of the 21st century. If the dust settles on migration, unlikely I think, it will be important preserve information on how we got to the favored resolution. Instead, if these problems continue, it seems equally important to have a record as to why the problems were not resolved, and which policies were rejected.

Besides providing a historical record, we might add additional content as warranted. We welcome your feedback that you can provide here.

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