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Join civil society’s call upon world leaders to urgently adopt solutions for refugees and migrants beyond the UN Summit – statement open for sign-on

Civil society actors lament governments’ uneven commitments and lack of urgency to deliver a real new deal for refugees and migrants at the UN Summit.   With a joint statement and scorecard, civil society urges states to take seven immediate actions to truly make a “difference on the ground for the millions of refugees, migrants and internally displaced people (IDPs) in need of protection, safe passage, solidarity, inclusion, decent work and livelihoods, and for the societies that host them”.

The statement and scorecard document is available also in French  and Spanish .

If your organization is interested in signing on in support of the statement, you can do so here.

Sign on to Civil Society’s “New Deal for refugees, migrants and societies”, presenting starting points for the Summit outcome document

 As migrants, refugees and civil society organizations working on the ground and globally, civil society actors are calling upon states and others at the UN General Assembly Summit 19 September to commit to a “new deal for refugees, migrants and societies”.

 All civil society groups are invited to sign this new deal. The more civil society groups that agree on and sign these key points, the stronger civil society’s voice will be to the states as they negotiate the formal Outcome of the Summit. This is especially true if states at first do not want to include what civil society is advocating. 

Read the “New Deal for refugees, migrants and societies” document here. 

See the list of organizations that have signed on in support of the document here.

If your organization is interested in signing on in support of the New Deal, you can do so here. 

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Recent Events:

Preparatory meeting in New York City – Sunday 17 July

For information about the civil society preparatory meeting that took place on 17 July 2016, please click here.

Civil society open call/webinar – Monday 11 July

Thank you to the more than 50 civil society organizations that participated in the MADE webinar in preparation for the September UNGA Summit on Refugees and Migrants. During the discussion, civil society participants exchanged updates and civil society key advocacy targets and messages for both the Outcome document and the 19 September Summit itself, as well as civil society communication with UN member states and other stakeholders. For those of you who could not join or would like to revisit some key moments of the discussion, find the recording of webinar here 

Civil society consultations with the co-facilitators on the outcome document

The latest civil society consultation with the co-facilitators took place on Thursday 28 July at UN Headquarters. During this, civil society organisations and other stakeholders had the opportunity to provide suggestions for the drafts of the Declaration and its two Annexes. Members of civil society attended either in person or by submitting a video.

All details can be found here.

You can watch the most recent civil society consultations here.

Other dates and deadlines


19 High Level Summit on Addressing Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants, UNGA New York
19 United Nations Private Sector Forum 2016
20 Concordia Summit: Private Sector Forum on Migration and Refugees

20 Leaders’ Summit on the Global Refugee Crisis (Obama Summit)
8-12 Civil society days, Common Space and Government days of Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) in Bangladesh